Silcore Foot Pillow

Silcore Foot Pillow - Avida Healthwear Inc.
Silcore Foot Pillow - Avida Healthwear Inc.

Silcore Foot Pillow


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Relieves foot, heel and ankle pressure.
One size fits all with Hook and Loop Closures.

Silcore Padding Products Advantages
General Construction - SILICORE Padding fibers have a permanent silicone coating attached which prevents penetration of chemicals or moisture such as urine or feces. Therefore, since the fibers are not penetrated, routine laundering should provide a safe environment for any succeeding patients.

Breathable Cover - Cotton/Polyester cover provides maximum cool comfort

Superior Padding - Hollow core contruction prevents fibers from matting, thus dispersing pressure over a greater area, lowering vulnerability to pressure sore development.

Silicone Coated Fibers - Silicone coating lubricates each fiber to reduce friction and shear force while preventing moisture penetration or retention.

Long Lasting, Washable(tested in commercial washers)- Provides years of service.

Soft-Tex Denier Nylon - A soft, pliable material with very low shear and excellent fluid resistant properties. This combination of softness and low shear will help reduce further injury to the skin. Reversible for those times when moisture resistance is necessary.

Flame Retardant - Complies with requirements described in 16 CFR Part 1632 Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads, (FF 4-72, Amended).

Sold by Pair.

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